I know only about laying a puzzle, creating dissected combinations of the strange or mundane, trying to map a personal universe.

I hail the spontaneous as opposed to the perfected. And art as not separated from life – how could I chase to describe being in an abstract or impersonal way?

Images, words turn up, happen. I can not really command it, but respond. A bit like collecting rubbish and making something out of it.

Poetry is about all those things that can not be expressed by language yet can only be expressed by language.

A poem is like a person. It has a body and a voice, a shape and a rhythm. It is the new-born-with-an-absolute-pitch and the-old-and-wise in one.

One can mask intensity with words, hide it, but using the bridge that poetry provides can be a means to become whole.

I invite you into my universe.  Perhaps there is a patch that we share?

4 thoughts on “About

  1. hildereist says:

    How could I not follow you

  2. truthyoga says:

    Thank you for the Like of my post…I also noticed you are familiar with the spiritual significance of the flower “Peace in the Nerves” as given by the Mother, and seems you have tagged Auroville….Have you been here? Just curious, as I live in Auroville and am a devotee of Mother and Sri Aurobindo…and I also work with flowers and know guettarda specioca….So, you have a nice site here and wish you much Light and Peace along your Journey…. 🙂

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