Yesterday I was seeing owls. One sitting inside the trunk of the Banyan tree near the Matri Mandir in the morning, and then one flying right in front of me, driving through the night. “Death, in symbolic terms, simply means “transition” – it’s just a one state of energy changing into another.”

At a glance


Writing is a great tool for Self Discovery
Beats the Sledge Any Day
It aims to answer the question Who Am I?
Or at least to ask My Self Who I Am.
But there is life in meetings,
Of Like Minds. The Party is Not Over
It hasn’t yet begun! We are still only Preparing…


Photo from Pudukey mag collage.

Something Is

Be it a persona, let it be.

It is but an empty shell that carries

A Mission. Let it Be.

It will need to move about, it does.

But within there is something resembling

A Stillness

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And the new

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Aim or I Am?

I bought a box of matches

In Rishikesh, and it struck me:

Blaringly: I AM, no more AIM.

That put a smile on this face.


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Falling to grace

A feeling of shrinking

Into a smaller core

Letting go of passions

Becoming one with it all


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The Obliteration

The Obliteration of the Golden Vase, the One we think we are.

The wise one who sat and watched toughts float by.

Only to realise that s/he is not alone in doing the Watching.

The sudden realisation of the meaning of “I”.

Starting to think of that whenever the word is mentioned.

Only one letter in a whole alphabet?

No wonder I feel stuck!

The Gratitude at being served this knowledge.

When I not long ago was believing something entirely different.

That the vase was alive.

That I had somehow to fill it.

Or at least show off some good flower(s).

When there is nothing to change at all.

Throwing that cherished vase into the wall though!

Will that really be necessary?

No need to!

It is already starting to look like a vase that only once


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Go Beyond

Go Beyond the “Book of I”.

We are not intFeatured imageerested in data.

Rubins Consciousness and so called Self.

Self-images are of the Past

Self images are of the past 2







And “Society”, from “Into the Wild”

Eddie Vedder

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Guettarda speciosa

“Peace in the nerves” is a small, highly fragrant white salverform flower with a sturdy tube and the limb divided into seven or eight soft rounded lobes; borne in small axillary cymes. A medium-sized spreading tree with horizontal branches and large broadly ovate leaves. Peace in the nerves is indispensable for good health.Guettarda speciosa

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Who carse?

Reading a most radical book, Perfect Brilliant Stillness by david carse. On the Understanding that “we” are all dream characters, that all there is is Consciousness operating through “mind/body things”. Of course “I” have heard it all before, but here it is ver succinctly put and really resonating with, well, something in “me”. And “he” takes the piss out of the whole spiritual “search”;-)

Perfect Brilliant Peace

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