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Something Is

Be it a persona, let it be.

It is but an empty shell that carries

A Mission. Let it Be.

It will need to move about, it does.

But within there is something resembling

A Stillness

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And the new

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my sweet heart


do not rip

to reveal

a clue: You

I do not hate

my sweet heart


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The Skies Shed Blood in Blobs

There is no return, only now.

To be born and cut into halves.


Like pierced clouds we live

with heads being topped up

as hearts back slowly out.


Take sanded paths of grovelled expectations.

On floured changing tables kneaded,

rolled-out, risen, asked

‘Would you like another slice?’


Have padded hearts dipped into the jaws

then pulled back up again,

curled under, still red,

still without claws.


The skies shed blood in blobs

for yet another while, whilst

people run with buckets full

to paint another wall:


‘Rumour has it another heart

splashed over cement.’ ‘Again?’


And red wine stains the pain.

The pain, the pain, the pain.


As cotton-wool-clouds sink down

to rest for us on Dewdrop Mountains.

There is no return, only now.


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You and I

heart fluttering

racing bubbles


naked tongues

in the mood

sweet, not crude

crumbling fractures one by one


liquid steaming

blowing bubbles


corners none

picking petals one by one


mouth watering

touching bubbles


creamy clouds

in the nude

sweet, not rude

breathing heavens one by one

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