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Who will benefit from the digital revolution?

“… an extremely important contribution to the debate about how we ensure that every human being benefits from the digital revolution that is still gathering speed. If you read only one book on technology in the next 12 months, it should be this one.” -Gary Hamel


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No longer stuck


between lines

not knowing

what to say next

balancing life

and death

between what was and what is

between nothing and less

but still.


Yes, I tried

to hang up

a hundred times

but now I am

spinning slowly back into the hive –

white and pale, humming

along tunes

balancing on a line

and piruetting out

of a box –

to Nolongerstuck

between loves

between hate and love

between lost and hive

between lines.


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all of you

on the fringe of thought

you’re the skin of the bubble

about to burst

so rejoice!

all of you labelled mad

by the ‘sane’ ones

there is sanity

and insanity


and infinity…


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Not guilty


A blue morning palm tree

A lonesome walk home

I can see him

He is right in front of me, and

Still; I miss him


For how will I know

What could have been –

Two cars and a house

Two actors appearing

With their clothes on


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Still waiting for the Barbarians


O, Boring rhetoric speakers

With your government made laws.

We all know already

All that you have to say

And loose ourselves in thoughts

But today-


Assembled in a waiting room

A forum with only one

White window, only one

Question – When will they come?

We are waiting for a sign

– O Barbarians!


You shall be so dazzled, confused even

By empty streets and squares.

Only ministers / predators parading

In emeralds and togas carrying

Their canes of gold

While we are waiting here

– Waiting to unfold.


When the night is moving closer

Our excitement grows, but then

We are dazzled, confused even, there are

No barbarians coming, men tell us

Who come in from the borders,

Waiting as well.


And when the night keeps falling

Borders, mayors, home secretaries, the Queen herself

What are we going to do now?


She walks home from the city’s main gate

Cleans her crown of jewels for auctioning, and we,

I guess we’ll slowly leave this room

Maybe leave one or two behind.


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On the edge of time

Don’t you see
It is ever-changing
I am not
the one I was
I will not be
the one I am
and that is why

I can hold on
to my hopes
body spiralling upwards
following the inner-child
the mind-butterfly
weaving frantically
a new me
resting in-between
your legs around
body spiralling upwards
ever-present lover-being
just be with me now
is all I ask
and do not
ask of me
to stay this way

It is only one of the plateaus
we could freeze and make our bed
cover ourselves
with duvet-branches
and promises
of stagnation

We could stay curled up close
to the cliff-wall and
each-other and not dare
to look down
wing-clipped birds
in the cold of the night

Or f*ck that fear
throw a stone towards ground
and look down to
echoing sound
hold hand-wings as we move
in the other direction

Stand up
cliff wall become our ground

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