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Yesterday I was seeing owls. One sitting inside the trunk of the Banyan tree near the Matri Mandir in the morning, and then one flying right in front of me, driving through the night. “Death, in symbolic terms, simply means “transition” – it’s just a one state of energy changing into another.”

At a glance


Writing is a great tool for Self Discovery
Beats the Sledge Any Day
It aims to answer the question Who Am I?
Or at least to ask My Self Who I Am.
But there is life in meetings,
Of Like Minds. The Party is Not Over
It hasn’t yet begun! We are still only Preparing…


Photo from Pudukey mag collage.

Go Beyond

Go Beyond the “Book of I”.

We are not intFeatured imageerested in data.

Rubins Consciousness and so called Self.

Not a Question

She shows her self                                    To those who will listen

She talks                                                       To those who will see

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Normal road signs of a new life

Auroville roadsign









I am nobody:

A red sinking autumn sun

Took my name away.

(Haiku by R Wright)

Be red earth of Auroville

In the face of death


In the face of death I could see


that I was waiting

for a love to take me

topple me, last me ’til my last day-


waiting for a passion, to honour

him and plant seedlings again.


Souls at a zebra crossing

a morgue





Life beginning again

like in that first moment.