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Something Is

Be it a persona, let it be.

It is but an empty shell that carries

A Mission. Let it Be.

It will need to move about, it does.

But within there is something resembling

A Stillness

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And the new

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Self-images are of the Past

Self images are of the past 2







And “Society”, from “Into the Wild”

Eddie Vedder

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Today it dawned on me…

…, as I was pouring water

into a glass bottle that

writing a book is a bit like that.

Filling a bottle

a little bit at a time

from the cistern


that we live

in monsoon times.

feeling blessed

Just sent my first script, a novel, to ten publishers in Sweden. After four short refusals the fifth was a one page suggestion for rewrites ending with “should you choose to rework we are happy to read again” from a very interesting publisher. So am walking on clouds feeling that I have finally arrived in my life at a spot where there is nothing in the world that I would change about it. I am living a life I could never have dreamed up, or is that in fact (scientifically proven) exactly what I have done? At the moment, since many days now, I feel manifold blessed. I thank the universe for the love, family, friends and overall health, with a pinch of a feeling that everything is just as it should be. Not even the pitfalls are very scary at all, everything is welcomed.

On a more practical level I have decided to post some very old essays of mine here. But it may take a few years before I get access to them, “stuck in India” as I am 😉 Because what one first notices as one diverts over to the fully moral life is that one is suddenly treated like something of a hostage. Suddenly, one does not know where rescue will come from. When credit cards are overdrawn, Europe is too expensive to visit, and there are threats of legal action if one does not repay. For that loan which was going to offer a great job, a great career, a lot of money – and therefore happiness but instead has decided that is not where happiness lies, or is much seen. Where not very much of interest is seen at all. That there is another path that one must follow. Of course there are branches sticking out along that mysterious little track, and I thank them all.

So, do not worry. Be sure, the enchantment makes up for it all.. There is much to be said in defense of a simple life. One without cravings for much more than a simple place to live, nature, food and good company. Where one is free to devote time to the task at hand. I believe we are living in a time of transition, and I suppose from that this blog takes its name.

I wish you a good night, or day, or whatever, where ever you are!

no time

for a haiku


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I just reached 100 posts

I celebrate with a graphic from a place set up to support Auroville:

Crop02-270x250 heart and sun

I just find it to be very evocative.


Back Home

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Not a Question

She shows her self                                    To those who will listen

She talks                                                       To those who will see

Photo1114 Photo1115 Photo1118 Photo1123

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I used to work for money, now I work for Auroville.

I used to work for corporates, now I work for a better world.

I used to travel the world, now I am on an inward journey.


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Breadth of Delight

The side of thought is not enough; the side of delight too must be entirely grasped: Ideas, Forces, Existences, Principles are hollow moulds unless they are filled with .

Meinrad craighead 2










Artist: Meinrad Craighead

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