In the face of death


In the face of death I could see


that I was waiting

for a love to take me

topple me, last me ’til my last day-


waiting for a passion, to honour

him and plant seedlings again.


Souls at a zebra crossing

a morgue





Life beginning again

like in that first moment.


3 thoughts on “In the face of death

  1. Love the originality of this! Also I’ve nominated you for the “Seven Things About Me Award”

  2. Thank you, I am honoured and will do the necessary soon!

  3. I used to think a lot about Life after Death
    But now I think more about Death before death
    Slowly, like a drying up fruit letting go
    Of its skin
    Beingness does not need hi-story.
    Whilst the skin is cracking open
    I flow with the Dharma.

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