The point


I am alone

for the first time in a long time

with Sarah Kane

I want to stuff my face and I don’t want to eat

I think we should divorce but stay together forever

Well you don’t bleed once a month, do you?


Test icicles

gong fear

fear of flying

bell jar

erica jong & sylvia plath


The everyday

tinkering meddling

lingering paddling

saddling straddling

fingering padding

I have ambitions whether you like it or not,

I like it or not

do you prefer approval or truth?


Sara, she was born in 71

and hung herself in 99

Harold Pinter delivered a personal fan mail

after her play Blasted


Clear a path for yourself.

Grow a tree, chop it down

and learn to make it roll


Turn those daytime Visions

Into reality by night


Assia Wevill, a Holocaust survivor,

killed herself too

and her Shura too

whilst Sylvia left two behind


On the brink

in a mad world

where is the point in which to live?


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2 thoughts on “The point

  1. rgman says:

    A great homage (of sorts) to Kane. Thank you.

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