Diving at last into my birth-water (Part 1)


This is what it was like then,

from my point of view that is,

with me on pedals then, there

in the middle of the street.

I am only trying to explain

the thoughts that were walking my brain:


‘Emotions cycle on dry roads.

Spring days hold me like

they never want to leave.

Indifferent blue, green, a tree,

in-human vegetal beast

not even trying to speak.’


He, above who later remembers:


’Across crusty paved layer quickly.

The pain she encapsulates and carries,

sometimes brings under ground

to soil soft golden. Still she sits,

wrapped in blue cloth, then red

fire heart gold. She is my

fire in the heart of the void.


If I could turn my head, unglaze, go ahead,

touch her pain, let her come to life, ask

– no tell her! about black birds in flight

tell her to give up the fight.


I would have

turned around knowing

almost what to say,

but out came only a shout:

– Watch out!

’There is something falling

– Above you!!!


For the moment had passed

when there was anything I

could have done about it.’


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